About Us

We love bicycles—and after years of buying, building, and riding them, we realized that when it comes time to getting rid of one, there aren’t a whole lot of alternatives to eBay and Craigslist. We sought something more dependable, with personalized service. That’s why we started this business.

At Goodbye Cycle, we’ll treat you like a fellow bike lover. As a small, family owned operation, we guarantee that you will always get the best price for your bicycle, because we know bikes and our goal is your satisfaction.

If you have a bike you are interested in selling or just want to ask a question, contact us here.

Our Expansion

Yep, Goodbye Cycle is just getting started, and we have even MORE plans in the works, but we’re just not ready to roll it out just yet…stay tuned.

Check out our Review and Blog page on a regular basis…we’ll give you honest opinions since nobody’s paying us to give their products rave reviews…forget the magazines who recommend everything. We’ll tell you what we really think.

We are in high-gear, fast cadence—212on flat terrain—and picking up speed! To stay up with us, here’s what you gotta do: go to Facebook and “like” us…you’ll get the inside scoop on a regular basis about what’s going on, you’ll hear about great deals (ahead of time), and so much more.