Sell a bicycle online – how to do it

Sell a bicycle online – how to do it

Unfortunately we can’t buy every bike that comes in from our website. Some times we decline to buy a bike for any one of a number of reasons. And some times we cant offer you what you need. Anyway, we still wanted to help you get your bike sold so we put together this post to help you decide what your best option is to sell your bicycle online. Besides selling your bike to goodbye cycle, you have four main options: a consignment seller, eBay, Craigslist, or bike forums.

If your bike has a particularly high resale value, in excess of 2000 dollars, let’s say. Then this is worth considering. Look around, there are several places like the pros closet that will take your bike in on consignment. Some of the local bike shops will even take consignments. The main detractor from this option is that typically the cost is pretty high, sometimes as much as 30% of the sales price. The other downside is that if can take a long time to get paid.

If your are a regular user of eBay, this is for sure your best bet assuming the bike is worth more than 3 or 4 hundred bucks. eBay can be a little intimidating if you are not used to it, so do the first listing in a simple format like “buy it now or best offer” it’s safe. Auctions can get a little complex with all of the rules, reserves, start times etc.

Price it a little above your selling price and when the offers come in, counter offer as quickly as possible. Many people will cancel their offer if you don’t respond soon so they are free to bid on something else.

If you decide to do an auction, the best auctions start at a really low price, it’s also best to have them end when people are available to bid. The end time is the most critical part of scheduling the auction. If it ends in the middle of the night you won’t have nearly as many bidders. Adding a reserve is expensive, use this option only if you have too.

Make sure you take great quality pictures, it’s best to take them outside in the morning or late in the afternoon. Crop in tight, even if you cut off the wheels a little bit, it’s ok. Photograph any flaws or scratches. Always disclose any damage, but make sure you mention it is pictured. Saying your bike has a scratch and not showing it can lead to lots of questions.

Make sure you know how to measure the bike correctly, this is critical. When in doubt, get some advice on this. Bicycle sizing is complex but no one will bid if they are not sure the bike will fit them.

Once you have the bike listed, you need to start looking into packing the bike… Still best to have
Your bike shop do this if you have never done it. If you want to do it yourself, get a box from your bike shop. There is no substitute for a real bike box.

Remember too that typically eBay fees and pay pal fees end up being close to 10% of the sales price.

Craig’s list is great for lower end bikes, most of the info above applies here. The nice thing, you do not typically have to ship, the buyer picks up. Craig’s list is especially popular if you are in a high density area like new york city, lots of close by buyers. Don’t ship anything to an individual unless you get paid first.

If you are on bike forums already and you are familiar with them, this is worth considering. However, don’t go register on a forum just to post your bike for sale. Usually this is not allowed anyway but its a bad idea. Don’t ship anything to an individual unless you get paid first.

If you want more info, post here or give us a call, we will help up if we can!

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