I wish we could have gotten more pics before this beautiful bike before it was delivered to it’s new owner! We bought this amazing frame from a customer in Dallas who purchased it new in 1984, it had virtually no miles on it. Goodbye Cycle then sold this Vintage bike to the builder who put it together to create this classic build. He recently e-mailed us the following note and picture and it was something we had to share. I think everyone who loves bikes (and is older than 20) kind of longs for them to to be made from metal again, it was just cool. I know the new carbon fiber bikes are better in every measurable way… but the stuff you can’t measure matters too!

The note:
I purchased a DeRosa frameset a couple months ago and recently gave it to my nephew as his first “real bike.” The look on his face was priceless which was unexpected because I actually thought he would be disappointed that it was not a new carbon frame. Anyway, I just thought you might appreciate knowing the old steel frame you sold has been recycled and, hopefully, has a long future ahead giving smiles for many miles.

BTW: Upon receipt I rubbed-out the paint with various Mcguiars paint restoration products – it has a like-new lustre. I found a very close color match nail polish for the few needed touch-ups. then gave it 3 coats of wax. Then I spread the rear triangle to 130mm, re-faced and re-tapped the headset and bottom bracket faces and threads. Reamed and polished the seat tube ID to a very smooth 27.2 mm, and re-checked alignment. I overhauled my circa 1994 Campagnolo Record gruppo including all new contact surfaces, bearings, wheels, etc. See the pic – bella!

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