Looking for a Vintage Road Bike Buyer? You found the right place! Goodbye Cycle buys high end vintage road and mountain bikes. We offer a fair price and you can avoid all of the Craigslist and Ebay hassles. Why are we buying them? Because vintage is back and retro is in. With all of the interest in L’Eroica and other vintage cycling events we have a market for high end used vintage bikes.

At Goodbye Cycle, we embracing a blast from the past. The classic elements of those days never die and people love the vintage feel in their modern life. Because of this, retro bicycles are in demand again. Additionally, vintage bikes are a way to help recycle and not create new waste… afterall, all of the new bikes are made from plastic… Keeping another plastic bike out of circulation may be the best thing you can do for the environment!

Other bike buyers are strictly focused on buying the latest bike technology, not Goodbye Cycle. We are looking for High end bikes from any era. But the lightweight bikes from the cycling boom are some of our favorites! We love all of the old compagnolo parts from the 70’s and 80’s these are in demand to keep the L’eroica bikes on the road.

Anyway, if you have a vintage road bike that is taking up room in your garage or basement, you just found a vintage road bike buyer! Fill out this simple form and we will contact you with an offer.