It’s been an interesting ride since we started this bicycle buyback business in 2011! Thanks to the 1000’s of people who have trusted us to purchase their high end bicycles. We have spotted a new trend. We are seeing many new bikes that were purchased online through e-tailers that are now being resold. Several of which are still new in the box. Many of them have only been ridden a few times. While we love getting these kind of bikes in. I think it is worth mentioning, that if you are shopping for a bike online… please stop and go to your local bike shop!

Yes you can get a bike for less online. Yes, the bikes online are good bikes. The issue is, a first time cyclist really needs a good salesman to find them a bike that they will actually ride. We have heard it all. My wife bought me the wrong size, I thought I could return it, it’s the wrong color and the list goes on. It’s hard to beleive but online retailers do not take bikes back that do not fit. Probably because they would have mountains of slightly used bikes to discount… Anyway, just our 2 cents! If you are a seasoned cyclist and you know what you want, online may be the best deal. If you are not, take the time to buy local and save yourself the headache of having to find an online bike buyer like us that will purchase your slightly used, not fitting bike.